Vinyl is a great product used to print numbers, words or basic logos onto items of clothing, hats, bags and other items. This method is great for small quantities or ‘one offs’ and allows you too go ahead with a ‘no minimum’ order.

What is Vinyl and how does it work?

Vinyl is a self adhesive substance that is cut out in reverse and then weaved out using a picker tool. The vinyl is then turned over and pressed onto the item using a high temperature press. Vinyl has a coating of glue which binds to the fabric, so when you peel away the plastic, your image or lettering is left on the product.

What products are Vinyl good for?

Vinyl can be used on most clothing products and bags. It is great for sports numbers, names and simple logos/shapes. Vinyl is a great option for ‘one offs’ or small quantities as there is no complicated setup process.

Can I have a multi colour logo using vinyl?

Yes. Even though Vinyl is usually used for one colour artwork, we can now get digital transfers . This means the vinyl is digitally printed, and then applied to the product.

Why wouldn’t I just use digital transfers instead of screen printing?

Screen prints last longer (usually the life of the shirt) , the colours are brighter and they are more flexible allowing a softer finish. The vinyl used for digital transfers sits on top of the fabric like a sticker and doesnt flex with the shirt. Digital transfers are great on products that don’t get washed at high temperatures, or washed too often. For example school bags, hats, water proof jackets.