Here at Write On Tshirts we can cover all your screen printing needs. We can print on most items of clothing with a quick turn around. Have a read below at how this process works, or contact us for more information on prices, quantities, etc.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a form of print which allows you to transfer an image or a logo through a screen onto your product. The Screen printing process has three main concepts:

Artwork: Artwork is to be provided in vector or PDF format, and should be no more than 6 colours. Our team then use a software to separate the colours ready to be exposed to different screens. Please contact us if you need help with your artwork or logo design.

Screen Prep: Each colour in your logo needs a different screen, depending on the nature and colours of your artwork will depend on how many screens your print will need. The separated colours are then applied to individual screens using UV sensitive emulsion.

Print: Printing is done using a manual 6 colour carousel, meaning all our work is hand-printed. If a base is used, this ink will be printed first followed by the other ink colours one by one. By the end, all the colours used will be layered up and create the logo you provided to us. This is then passed through a tunnel dryer to cure the inks and ta daa! Print complete.

If your have any questions about our print process, or would like a quote for screen printing, please Contact Us.