We offer embroidery services for a large variety of products including hats, clothing and bags. Embroidery is when the product is sewn directly using lots of stitch counts to produce an image. This a great durable and long lasting way to put your design on your product and is popular with workwear or when the product get washed more than often. The cotton thread used is as durable as the shirt its applied too, so your embroidery will last as long as the shirt or product.

What sort of designs is this method good for?

Embroidery is good for more simple designs, they can be more than one colour but fine detail is limited. Take a look at the examples below to get an idea of what really works!

Why use embroidery instead of a print?

Some people prefer embroidery because it gives a soft finish and is super durable. Its a great effect for business logos, and is very popular with hats, business shirts, coats and workwear.

Is there a setup fee?

Your artwork will need to be digitized so its ready to hit the embroidery machines. Please contact us for more information on setup costs, quantities and prices.